Thursday, July 12, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Playing in the Bluebonnets

Is having 2 babies a good enough excuse?

Sorry I haven't updated in so long! Is having 2 babies a good enough excuse? I think so!

We are totally enjoying this being parents thing. I mean don't get me wrong it is not always glamorous or easy but the smiles and giggles really make up for all the other junk. Here is a picture review of the past few months.

 The babies are not only on the move crawling but they are climbing and into everything:) They are really fast movers and are sometimes hard to keep up with. Having 2 at this stage is a challenge. Due to them being so active I may not post for another long while. LOL They are learning so much so fast. Samuel and I joke they went from being baby worms just laying around to real live humans moving and feeding themselves. It really is crazy how fast they grow. Keep a look out for more updates and hopefully some videos of the CUTEST babies EVER!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stationery card

Seeing Double Birth Announcement
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Babies have arrived!

Life is crazy but our family is now complete:) To be able to kiss and cuddle what we could only feel and see rolling in my belly, is AMAZING. God creates awesome miracles!

So here's the story... Samuel and I checked into the hospital on Wednesday night to start the induction process only it didn't work as well as I or the doctor had hoped so on to plan "B". Thursday morning they induced me around 8am and my water broke around noon. Until then I had been dealing with the contractions very well. The pain immediately went from about a 3 to 10. The doctor came to check on me and I asked for the good drugs. Samuel being the curious guy that he is, watched the giant needles going into my back. Finally around 4:30 we were ready to meet our children. We rolled into the OR and I only labored a short time then Nolan was born first at 4:51pm and Ralyn was born at 4:57pm. It all happened so quickly and everything went so smoothly. We were only able to see the kids for a few minutes and they were whisked away to the NICU for observation. The next 6 hours were the hardest EVER:) So things hadn't gone as planned but our children were in good hands. God watched over them as I recovered from delivery. It was a very emotional time not to be able to hold the babies I had just worked so hard for. Finally around midnight we were reunited with our sweet babies.

Nolan Reed- 5 lbs. 15 oz.  18 in.
Ralyn Jane- 4 lbs. 11 oz.   18 in.

The next few nights in the hospital were hard. I hadn't had any sleep while in the hospital, Samuel was "sleeping" on a tiny couch and the constant flow of nurses and people needing information from us seemed non-stop. Let's not forget the 2 babies needing us all the time. When Saturday came we were VERY excited to go home. My doctor had discharged me and now we had to wait for the pediatrician to discharge the babies. Ralyn had maintained just enough weight to go home but Nolan's labs indicated a slightly higher level of jaundice than the doctor would like so he ordered photo-therapy lights sent to our house. We were upset but glad to be going home all together. Nolan stayed under the lights for 3 days. We all hated every minute.

 We feel as though we have spent our past few weeks with the doctors. So the kids had their 2 day check up and it went very well, Nolan had to be retested for his jaundice, Ralyn had an infected tear duct that was treated with eye drops and has pretty much cleared up and the kids had their 2 week check up. Its okay... We have 2 healthy babies!

WOW! Can you believe they are already 2 weeks old? Time really does fly! They are so cute and we couldn't be any happier:)

We are so appreciative to all of our family and friends for your love and support throughout this experience. God has blessed us so much! Prayer is so powerful and we appreciate your continued prayers for our new little family:)